We are coming up on month two of my subscription launch, so I want to let you all in on a few reasons why this service might be good for you!



1. SERVICE AT A COST. I know that the service of a stylist is a luxury cost, so this is a great way to offset the cost and get your toes wet in the world of personal styling! With monthly take-aways you will be given a fabulous experience of a stylist without the full commitment.


2. TIPS AT HAND. My EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service is the perfect way to have tips on hand for some of your top fashion questions. With topics like How To Pair Jewelry, Travel Packing, and more, you can have access to tips any time you want. 


3. PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE. Though this is a monthly subscription, my goal is to make it as personalized as possible. Which means I want your input, I want to know the things you are hoping to see, and want to be able to help guide your experience with the EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service.



So, join me on this journey before another month of insider knowledge on Travel Packing is released: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=19582773


Receive the following takeaways each month:

- "How To" Video 
- Fashion Document 
- Styled Looks
- Online Shopping Catalog 

Elizabeth Elias