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I start with a complimentary in-home consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss your goals in hiring a wardrobe consultant, I will learn more about your current style/wardrobe habits and take a stroll through your closet.

Closet Organization

I start by cleaning out your closet to determine if pieces will be kept, donated, consigned, altered or cleaned. The next step is to organize your closet, streamline your clothing and maximizing your current space. And lastly, take an inventory of your closet. I will assess what items you currently have, items that you should replace or add into your wardrobe, and create a plan on what to acquire for your wardrobe foundation.


As your wardrobe consultant, I take all the work out of shopping and actually go to the stores for you. Once I acquire all the necessary pieces, I set up a mini shop in your home for a personal fit session. During this experience, we will determine if each piece is right for you. I will then make any necessary exchanges or returns.


Based on your lifestyle, we will determine the various key categories of outfits that you will need coordinated for your day to day activities. I then go to work in your closet putting together several outfits. This will be shared with you through your own custom look book. 

Travel Packing

Traveling for a weekend get away with your hubby or headed off to Greece for a month long vacation…either way, I'm available to help you pack your bags. I will create a custom travel list that entails information on travel dates, expected weather, coordinated outfits and all the pertinent accessories needed for your trip. I will also advise you on suggested tools in making your packing the most efficient. 

Special Event Styling

Do you have a special occasion on your calendar? Let me style you in the perfect ensemble from head to toe. This can range from galas, a child's wedding, business dinners, reunions, holiday parties, family photo sessions, cocktail parties, and conferences.

Shopping Trips

Girls shopping trip to New York, LA, Chicago, Paris or London? I will create a custom package and accompany you on the trip for you to meet your goals in shopping in one of these major fashion cities.