TOP TWO travel packing tips!

Travel Season is among us!  If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to hack your life.  So I wanted to share my TOP TWO packing tips that I always start with for myself and my clients:

1.    COLOR PALETTE-Do I want to go with white/black/camel?  This is typically my color palette for New York City.  Or should I select blue/white/gray?  This is a color combo I like to choose for California.  For my outdoorsy adventure seeking clients headed to regions that involve those activities I like to select green/blue/khaki colors.  So the idea with a color palette is that it allows you to hone in one direction and choose pieces that you can mix and match and reuse.  This can be helpful if you are trying not to overpack.

2.    SHOES-Shoes are probably the biggest culprit in overpacking as they take up SO much space.  So I suggest that you start with your shoes (in combo with color palette) to choose shoes that are versatile and work with everything.  For a weekend getaway, I stick with one day shoe and one night shoe and one flip flop.  The day shoe should be something comfortable and works with whatever sight-seeing daytime activities you have planned.  My night shoes are typically a high heel to go out to dinner, drinks, etc.  And the flip flop can double as a house shoe and pool shoe.


Starting with these two tips helps gives you direction and clairity.  Don’t we all overthink packing and what we need?  I promise if you follow this formula it will narrow down the options and provide you with a road map that ensures you don’t overpack.

Elizabeth Elias