How to look STYLISH


In my opinion, the people that I consider stylish have figured out how to accessorize.  These are the ones that know how to create their own individual style by accessorizing with their shoes, belts, handbags, sunnies, jewelry, scarves/pashminas, hats.  They aren’t intimated if they are doing it correctly and just work these accessories into their everyday look.  Maybe 1 or 2 accessories; maybe all 7 types of accessories together.  It doesn’t matter but they utilize their accessories to communicate their style and therefore look stylish.


Think about it, I could take the same very simple clothing items to dress 3 different clients and create 3 completely different styles.  I would do this exercise with a simple black cotton dress OR a white v neck tee with blue jeans.  The possibilities are endless on the ways that you can create different looks with these simple foundational pieces & your accessories.  Your tools in your tool kit are your accessories and when you get comfortable with using these accessories you can look super stylish!!!


There are 2 main points that I hope you remember from this blog:


1.    Give yourself 5-10 minutes to “style” yourself when getting dressed.  I’ve said this a million times and will continue to say it again.  Most of my clients don’t have much time to get themselves dressed and are running out the door everyday.  I promise you that the friends that you admire their style have taken a little extra time to style themselves before they walk out the door.  5 minutes!  You can make it happen to give yourself that extra 5 minutes so you feel more pulled together and CONFIDENT when you walk out that door.

2.    Don’t worry about “the rules”.  I think half the battle of accessorizing is trying to understand if you have followed “the rules” and if you are doing it correctly.  I’m here to tell you that there are no rules when it comes to fashion and especially if you have honed in on your own individual style.  So if you have styled your look to be authentically your own then the rules don’t apply to you.



Embrace your accessories in the spirit of elevating your own individual style!


with LOVE and grace,




P.S. If you are wanting more on this topic, this month on EEC Fashion Forward we have doing a deeper dive on accessorizing to look stylish. 

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Elizabeth Elias