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When it comes to adding to your jewelry collection, often times it seems daunting to decide where to start. Or better yet, where to go from your perhaps already full drawers? Even those who feel like they a lot of jewelry need a little pick-me-up every once in a while.


Here are three tips to dressing up your jewelry collection:


1. Dig up the past. I am very lucky to have family members who have gifted me heirlooms over the years. I love pairing these with me own collection of jewelry I’ve built up over the years. I love sharing this tip with clients as well. One of the best places to shop for jewelry is in your own (or your families) own closet!


2. Customize a trend. Consider the trends of right now, then turn them into your own. Take for example the shells trend. That’s right my friends... Shell necklaces are BACK. But you don’t have to fall victim to that silly trend again. Try purchasing some longer strands of unique shell necklaces to layer on with your gold and silver chains. Or change up the pastel color trend for one color you want to throw on in bangle form!


3. Splurge worthy pieces. I am all about pairing the high and low… so don’t forget the high! Having a few staple pieces, may they be gifted, purchased on your own, or passed down for generations, is a great way to keep your jewelry collection on point and a step above the rest.


I hope this gives you some new inspiration on the jewelry front!



With love and grace,



Elizabeth Elias