As a wardrobe consultant, I serve my clients in many different capacities.  Typically people reach out with the goal to look stylish over all.  In order to accomplish this I think it’s incredibly important to walk through my steps first: closet clean out and organizing, assess wardrobe essential pieces needed, shop strategically.  These steps set you up for success in looking stylish.  However, we can check off every step with flying colors but that doesn’t necessarily make you stylish.  This is something that you have to put effort towards creating your own individual style.  For those friends that you admire their style, it may come naturally to them but I assure you they also put effort towards it as well.  I also want to stress the importance of being an original and not trying to look like everyone else.  This is where the true authenticity comes in with your style.


Quick tips to creating an authentic style:

·      Create a pinterest board, pull out pages in magazines, start a “fashion collection” on Instagram, create a style vision board

·      Colors-identify your “power colors”.  These are the colors that elevate your skin, eye, hair colors.  They really help you to SHINE!!!

·      Body Type-identify your body type so you can dress appropriately to your unique body. 

·      Play around with accessories.  This is the BEST way to try out different styles.  For those that are truly stylish, they have mastered styling accessories.

·      Vintage is a great way to develop an authentic style as each piece is original and you won’t see others in the same item.

·      Create one signature styling element that you like to incorporate often.  This is something that people identify with you when they see it.  For example, bracelets (aka ArmCandy) is something I typically work into my styled looks.

·      Take your styled look out for a “test run”.  Pay attention to how you feel and if you receive positive feedback.  This will help you decide if this is something that you will adopt or if it won’t work for you.


Ideas on various styles

·      Sporty/Casual

·      Preppy

·      Bohemian

·      Edgy/Rock n’ Roll

·      Feminine

·      Contemporary/Modern

·      Classic

·      Vintage

·      *You don’t have to identify with just one of these.



Fashion is a fantastic tool to express yourself.  SHINE baby SHINE in your own authentic style!!


with LOVE and grace,



Elizabeth Elias