Looking Fabulous Out Of A Carry On


I am here to tell you that looking fabulous out of a carry on it TOTALLY doable! Not only is it doable, it is kind of easy. Now, don’t get too upset. I too was one for packing a huge suitcase for weekend trips. Up until recently, actually.

And then I got called out.

But it dawned on me, that maybe I didn’t need endless amounts of options for just a few days. Maybe I could just buy the things I realized I didn’t have (and the truth comes out!)... In reality, if I stuck to packing the same way I stuck to cleaning out closets - pinpointing the essentials and making sure to fill in gaps - I was sure to have a more tidy suitcase and less trouble dragging my luggage around airports.

So on one of my last trips to Mexico City, a destination of bright colors and beautiful things, I decided to give my new found strategy a try. And boy did I choose a tough one to do it for.

I knew going into the trip I wanted to pack out of my normal dual color palette, and use the cities colorful feel as inspiration. I wanted to be a little over the top in my fashion and change up my outfits from day-to-day. I was able to fit all of these outfits into a single carryon, and with ease I navigated traveling, and looked fashionable doing so!


It was a really great experience knowing I could fit a more decadent wardrobe into a simple carryon, and even more so that I was able to stick to my true fashion self without overloading my life with hassel on what turned out to be such a great trip.

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With LOVE and Grace,


Elizabeth Elias