EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service


As a wardrobe consultant, my mission is to help women feel CONFIDENT utilizing fashion as a tool.  The key words here are help and fashion.  I’m SO passionate about helping others and am able to do that in serving others with my gifts in style & fashion.  This is something that comes very clear and naturally to me.  I strive to serve others as much as possible.  Fashion is secondary to helping others.  Like my superpower and tool that allows me to help others. 

I realize that wardrobe consulting services are a luxury service.  In this day and age there are SO many more luxuries than 20/30/40 years ago.  If you are anything like me, you want ALL of the luxuries but it’s simply hard to justify them.  So with the mindset of serving others and being able to provide my wardrobe consulting services to a wider audience, I’m THRILLED to announce the EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service.  

Are you like, what the heck is this?  Well, I’m so glad you asked… and am happy to fill you in.

EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service is a monthly subscription membership that offers tangible fashion coaching with specific deliverables each month.  This subscription will be a deeper dive into what I’m already providing on my social platforms and blogs.  You can expect to have the following takeaways each month: Photos with specific styled looks, “How to” Video Instructions, Fashion Documents, & an Online Shopping Catalog.  The fashion documents will include my travel packing list, wardrobe essentials, jewelry essentials, and more.  I’m basically creating a road map on how to create your own fashion forward lifestyle.  I’ve taken the guess work out of it and are handing over simple shifts that you can apply in your own wardrobe so you feel confident that you are living a fashion forward life. 

Does this sound like something you are interested in?  Are you thinking how much and where do I sign up?  Well, I’m SO glad you asked!!  WINK WINK!!! Our EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service is $20/month.  As I mentioned in the first two paragraphs, I’m on this planet to serve others with my gifts and want to be able to reach more women through our EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service.

We go live, May 10th.  Each month you will receive your deliverables every Friday and will have 4 takeaways each month.  We will have a theme for each month, this month being “Styling with a Focus on Jewelry.”

Does this excite you and you are ALL IN??? Stay tuned for the link to sign up!!

Please know that if for some reason you decide this is no longer a fit, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We feel 100% confident that you will find the content valuable and you won’t need to cancel.  However, much like ever changing trends, we don’t ever want you to feel stuck in something you might change your mind about.

If you have any specific questions around this new subscription, please feel free to reach out to me directly at  Also, we always love feedback and suggestions so if you have something specific that you would like this subscription to focus on please let us know.

I’m truly grateful to be able to work every day serving others with fashion.  Thank you for signing up for EEC Fashion Forward Subscription Service and allowing me to continue to serve you every day with all the beauty that comes with Fashion.

with LOVE and grace, 


Elizabeth Elias