The 2 MUST do Organizing steps that make the BIGGEST Impact

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Even though I’ve been working in closets for 7 years (longer in an unofficial capacity), you would think that everyone knows and is living by my first two organizing steps.  However, it’s more uncommon than you would think.  So I wanted to cover these two steps that make the BIGGEST impact:


1.    HANGERS-
Matching hangers are usually underestimated.  There is SO much value in switching over to matching hangers.  And let me be clear it’s not just matching material, it also must be the same color.  If you are going to go to the trouble to match hangers, you might as well do it right.  The value in the matching hangers is that it completely streamlines your hanging clothes.  It allows the clothes to all hang at the same level but also neutralizes the hangers so you can see the clothes and colors.  It eliminates the messiness of ALL the different hangers.  Most closets have a lot going on (as do our personal lives) so I’m constantly incorporating tweaks to make things streamlined and easy for my clients to get dressed daily.  We have SO much extra noise in our lives daily, why not bring some order to our closets?  Matching hangers is the BEST place to start!!



Do it now!!! This is the order that I live by and create in my client’s closet. I promise this simple act of color coordinating will make it easier to get dressed in the morning and again streamline your closet.  No more digging every inch of your closet for that one favorite green shirt.  It’s right there in the green section.  This is one of those steps in organizing that until you integrate into your closet it’s hard to understand the positive impact it will make in your life…I mean closet.


HAPPY Organizing friends!!!!


with LOVE and grace,



Elizabeth Elias