Clean from Nook to Cranny


As I finish out the final nooks and cranny’s of “Operation Organize 2019” (my new year home overhaul), I stand face-to-face with the thing I enjoy doing most. My closet!  Nothing ever gets too far out of place in my closet, but it is always nice to open the door to a fully filed space.  I find that I’m rejuvenated, inspired and extra creative with my clothes after a closet clean out. 

When it comes to cleaning out a space like your closet, I think letting go is key. Take time to try things on, but don’t waiver on things that are not flattering. There are so many beautiful pieces out there, don’t hold onto the ones that don’t bring you joy! A hard one for myself is letting go of things that are too small. But ladies, we have to do it. Take time to pull things out into good lightingand make sure they are in good shape. For someone who collects vintage like I do, this is key.  

But most importantly, have fun while you do it! I love to play music and light candlesGet in the zone and get ready to clean out! 


With LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias

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Elizabeth Elias