Create A Space Of CONFIDENCE

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I’ve been diving into my closet for a bit now – Giving details on the best hacks I have, and why organizing every nook and cranny is so good for your (or at least my) health. Today, I want to dive a little deeper into the things you might not notice at all, that make a HUGE difference. Creating a space of CONFIDENCE.


That’s right! The things you put in your space aren’t limited to your clothes and shoes. And they have a big impact on how you feel. Each place in your home should be one of inspiration, including your closet. You might think I’m silly, but I decorated my closet like any other room in my home, and it helps me start each day more motivated and feeling refreshed! Let me explain…


By making the place that is by default one you spend a ton of time, a place you enjoy being in, you are more inclined to have a positive attitude about it. I dressed up my closet with images of my kids and husband, inspiring quotes, and beautiful jewelry dishes. I use a rug that I love and a red velvet tufted chair from my great grandmother.


This is a space of creativity for me, but not just because I am a stylist. Because I put effort into the things I wear and how they make me feel. Just like art, I see dressing as a form of expression, and I like to carry that into every part of dressing. My clothing and my home!



With LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias

Elizabeth Elias