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·      Start with a packing list-It’s important to have a roadmap for any trip and a list is the roadmap for packing efficiently.

·      Start packing 2 days before your trip-This gives you time to plan your packing with a clear head before you are frantically pulling everything together as you head out. This also allows time for any last-minute items you forget and so you can run out to pick them up.

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·      Color Palette-I highly suggest choosing a color palette to give you direction when packing. This helps narrow down the scope of items to choose from. It also gives you versatility with your pieces and therefor allows you to get so many more outfit options. Some of my go to palettes are black/white/gray (especially when traveling to large metropolitans) OR blue/green/brown (more of an outdoorsy type of destination) OR white/bright colors/nude (for the beach!)

·      Limit the shoes-This ones is key to not over packing and avoiding the extra bulk.  I try to keep it to one sandal, one sneakers, one shoe for nights out, and one for the beach (if you’re headed for sun).  I choose versatile colors for each of these shoes so they work with all outfits—think nude, metallic or black (if you are going with the black/gray/white color palette)

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·      Packing Cubes-These babies just kicked up my OCD a level…I’m super OBBESSED!!! I recommend the packing cubes because they not only keep things neat & tidy in your suitcase but they also allow you to squeeze in more clothes.

·      Roll Dresses-For any clothing item that wrinkles easily (silk dresses, linen, etc.), roll these items when packing. However, be sure to unpack as soon as you arrive to your destination to avoid any wrinkling. It works, I promise!!

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·      Pick out your outfits-Simply taking the time to actually pick out your outfits for each occasion on your trip will help you to avoid over packing. I know this might sound obvious, but not for everyone. I’ve heard many times how people just throw clothes in a suitcase and go. Eeek!!!

·      Travel Outfit-Find your go to travel outfit. For me, it’s always jeans + white Vneck tee + white sneakers. I have friends & clients that like to travel in joggers. Others like leggings. And then there are those that dress up a bit more. I suggest fine tuning your travel outfit so it’s a no brainer, ready to go outfit that you don’t have to put any energy into. You know how hectic it can be to get packed up to head out. Oh and my travel outfit to my destination is always recycled to wear on the way home. Keep it easy!

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·      Scarf-I know you guys are shocked I’m bringing up scarfs again. Ha! These days I’ve been traveling with a really great hot pink and white stripe Turkish towel. I love it because it’s extremely versatile. I use it on the plane as a blanket. I also use it as a wrap especially when I’m wearing dresses. My Turkish towel is SO soft that I also can use it as a scarf. 

·      Tote-I would suggest using a medium size canvas tote to travel with, so you can utilize the piece a few different ways. It can be your carry on. It can also serve as your beach bag if you are headed to a sandy destination. Which is why I specified canvas. It can also be your purse/bag to run around town in if you need something larger than a cross body. So, the size and material is key to making it versatile.


Travel On!


with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias