Come on momma, let’s get fashionable!

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I’m a wardrobe consultant, wife, philanthropist, business owner, daughter and most importantly….mother of two kiddos.  As women we wear so many different hats and my missions is to empower women to be the best version of yourself.  I’m all about building up women’s self esteem and personal growth through your own journey in life.  I personally believe it’s important to constantly work on yourself to help build and maintain confidence.  As a wardrobe consultant, I’m honored to have the opportunity to help people do this through their wardrobe. 

It’s important to feel good every time you get dressed whether it’s a casual activity with your family or a gala.  And especially as a momma, we tend to take care of everyone else first and have no energy to put towards ourselves.  So just a few quick tips to help all you mommas feel fresh and look fashionable no matter what hat you’re wearing:



·      Fashionable diaper bag or Tote (for non-diaper families)

·      Easy stylish hair dos - Buns, Embellished Headbands, Chic Pony, Hats

·      Comfortable stylish shoes: HELLO sneakers!!!

·      Wake up 30 minutes earlier to give yourself the time to get dressed and have a little me time.

·      Always work in date night with the hubby where you can glam it up.

·      Jeans with spandex are your friend, don't forget it!

·      Choose bright pattern tops to camouflage kids stains

·      Try to minimize the # of days you wear workout clothes and if you find yourself in workout clothes make sure you have stylish ones on that coordinate.  I know, I know…..lots of eye roling with this one.  This has become a “uniform” for a lot of mommas.  And don’t worry if I run into you at the grocery store in your work out clothes, I promise I won’t judge.  You will see me in mine too.



·      Dark Denim

·      Tunic Top

·      A Classic Cardigan

·      Embellished Sandals

·      Everyday Dress

·      Black Leggings

·      Denim Jacket

·      A Casual Striped Tee

·      WOW Worthy Red Dress

·      Ballet Flats



·      Distressed or color denim

·      Body Suit

·      Moto Jacket

·      BRIGHT color sandals

·      Stripe Cotton Dress

·      Modern Blazer

·      Graphic Tee

·      Bright Floral Dress

·      Sneakers

·      Animal print (belt, shirt, pants)


Elizabeth Elias