Project Closet Facelift


Life is busy and most times our closets are at the bottom of our “to do” list.  I totally get it!  However, when your wardrobe lives in a space like this one we must let it ✨SHINE✨ to its full potential.  So let me share with you 4 quick tips on how to make the biggest impact in your closet so your space can shine too:

·      Hangers-Matching hangers (and same color) make a HUGE impact to streamline your closet.  Do it NOW!!

·      Color coordinating-Group all the same color clothes together.  Use the ROYGBIV formula with your white/black/gray/brown/khaki colors at the end.

·      Matching Baskets/containers-All the extra stuff=extra noise in your closet.  These are things like business cards, trash, christmas presents, books, and I could go on and on.  Clear these things out as you organize and for all the miscellaneous things that need to stay in your closet find matching baskets/containers that you can store them in.  

·      Add Sparkle-Don’t underestimate the positive energy (and often times functionality) you bring to yourself when you take the time to decorate your closet.  Add art, family photos, rugs, beautiful jewelry trays/stands, reed diffuser just to name a few.  These touches will bring you confidence as you get dressed each morning.  I promise!

In this digital age, I tend to post more of “perfect” or inspirational photos.  In this project, I thought it is important to see the journey of where we started with before and after photos to really appreciate what the organizational steps bring to the table.  I used the 4 steps listed above to give this space a facelift so it can SHINE.


with LOVE & grace,



Elizabeth Elias