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Are you a reactive shopper?  Do you typically run out to the store the day before a BIG event?  Well guess what…you’re totally normal!!!  However, I’m here to encourage everyone to shift the norm to prepping ahead of time for each season.  That’s right!  If you haven’t prepped for the Fall season, now’s the time to do it.


Here’s a few pointers on making the shift to prep for fall:

·      Closet Clean Out

·      Organization Refresh

·      Make a List of Fall Events

·      Create your Fall Shopping List


If you’re one of my clients, you know that I check in twice a year so we can revisit these steps.  However, you can do these steps on your own.  It’s just matter of conditioning yourself to be proactive with your wardrobe and prepping in advance.  If you need guidance on your wardrobe, I would LOVE to help you!!!  Click here so we can make that happen!


If you’re not quite ready to book me in person, my subscription service is just for you!!! This month on EEC Fashion Forward (my subscription service), we are covering all things transitional styling and prepping for the Fall

You can anticipate the following this month with EEC Fashion Forward:

·      Fashion Document: A document that helps you map out your events for the fall, create your refined

shopping list, list where to shop and when to shop based on your fall schedule.

·      How to Video: On Transitional Styling

·      Photos: Transitional Style Looks

·      Online Catalog: Linked a few key transitional pieces for fall to shop online

If you’re ready, we would LOVE for you to join us!!!


with LOVE and grace,




Elizabeth Elias