The Method To Transitional Dress


The sun is still beaming, but it’s time to consider transitioning your wardrobe into fall. Yes, you heard that right! As painful at that might sound… we are getting closer to transitional months than you think. So what are my tips on moving into the next season without burning up and sticking out like a sore thumb? Here are some tips on doing so:

  1. COLORS. Start swapping out your colors. When transitioning into fall, the first thing I always do is start putting away my bright colors and pulling out my more neutral and muted ones. Away with the neons and bright pops and in with the chocolate brown, nudes, gray and BLACK! 

  2. SHOES. Shoes can be tricky. It is too hot for boots but you don’t really want to keep wearing your sandals. I usually continue to wear strappy heels and start introducing in shorter booties or open toed options. The thing to remember is again, color. Keep with the sandal like shoe but start wearing more neutral colors and putting away your summer collection. 

I hope this helps bring you a little closer to that cooler weather we are all wishing would hurry up and get here! 

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Elizabeth Elias