SPRING TRENDS: Not for everyone

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I work in fashion but I don’t care about trends.  Are you all gasping?  I know it may seem a bit sacrilegious to some.  I personally feel like I keep having to explain why I’m not into trends.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not oblivious to what’s “on trend” and I do feel like I’m “current” in my own personal style.  However, I don’t go out of my way to seek out the trends.  If I’m being honest, I don’t necessarily do my homework on the Spring or Fall trends unless I have a speaking engagement and if they have requested I speak on the trends.  No lie, I just spoke last week to group of women and had to do my research on what is considered trends for this Spring season.  So let me explain further why trends make me CRAZY.

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Based on my research last week, I pulled from 4 different sources on what they claim as the trends for Spring 2019.  They vary across the board with only a few common threads.  Also, things like floral, sharp blazer, neutrals are pieces that I always have in my closet but they are listed as a trend this season.  I don’t consider those to necessarily be something that is trendy. 

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The trends each season feel like a push from the retailers to increase sales and bring excitement to the stores.  I don’t want to hate on the retailers because they are doing their job.  However, I just want to help the consummer be better educated and less hypnotized to think that we all need the trends.  I want to shift the perception that the trends are NOT our road map to being fashionable.


The other part of trends that makes me crazy is I feel like it they prey on those that don’t have a great sense of their own individual style.  I can always tell who needs help defining their style because they will be dressed in the current trends head to toe.

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I often notice how women disregard what is flattering for their body type and will wear the trends regardless.  It’s like they are thinking “I’m looking good because I know all the trends and I took the time to add them to my wardrobe.” Flattering clothes always trumps being on trend!!! 


My mission is to focus more on helping women find their own true personal style and develop that further so they feel like the most CONFIDENT version of themselves.  If there are “trends” that:

P you love

P work for your body type/coloring

P are align with your style


then great, go for it!  Otherwise, please know that not all trends are for everyone.  For those of you CONFIDENT in your individual style, let’s peek into the Spring Trends:




·      Ruffles

·      Sharp Blazers

·      Sorbet Shade

·      Beige

·      Tie Dye

·      Polkadots

·      Crochet

·      Neons

·      Bike Shorts

·      Mixed Patterns


Stay Tuned for more discussions around cultivating your own individual style and finding inspiration from those with a great sense of style.  HAPPY Spring Friends!!!!


with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias