Operation Organize for Elias’ Home


It is February 25th, which means I am exactly 25 days behind on finishing all the organizing things in my home. I point this out to you not because I am looking for replies, but because I want to let you know IT. IS. OKAY.


Now don’t get me wrong… There are days, even now, that I think about not hitting a deadline and it really freaks me out! I am a deadlines girl. I say when things will be done and I do them. But even I sometimes, have to remember that loving myself should be more important than kicking myself for things I shouldn’t.


So I am being real with you all. And showing you just what I got ((and didn’t)) get done:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.22.48 PM.png

See all those little dots? Those are the ones I didn’t get too. And that is okay! Maybe I will get to them next month. Either way, in this moment, I am going to choose to LOVE myself through it and remember what the FABULOUS Marie Forleo says, “Progress not perfection.”  I hope your January (and February) has allowed you the time to reset/reorganize your life and home for a successful 2019 with thoughtful progress.



with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias