Since my services as a wardrobe consultant are a luxury service, often times people think that I only shop high end designer brands.  That’s simply not true.  I shop high end, low end, everything in between and definitely the sales.  I was raised by a SUPER savy shopper that I called momma.  I learned from the BEST!  So needless to say, I take great pride in shopping SMART.  I’m here to share some of my smart shopping tips so you can also stretch your $$$: 


·      Ebates-My BFF recommended this site for about a year before I finally joined.  You basically get $$$ back from shopping online.  It’s a no brainer.  Do it now!!


·      Price Matching-Be sure to shop around to ensure you are getting the best price.  Retailers will adjust the price to match their competitors to keep the sale.  They have had to do this with so much business moving to online and leaving the brick and morter stores.


·      Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Wednesday was the first official day for this BIG sale.  People go crazy over this sale!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the Nordy Sale, but a few tips to keep in mind for the sale (and honestly any BIG sale)

o   Don’t get hypnotized by the sale prices

o   Shop now for the holidays (check out the home & gift department)

o   Looks for the essential foundational pieces when shopping the sales


·      Befriend the sales associate-My family likes to tease me that Nordstrom is like my other office.  I’m there SO often that I feel like all the sales associates are my friends.  Why not, we have lots of down time together to get to know one another while shopping.  Plus, they are extremely helpful!!!  I’m super loyal to my stylist who does things like hunting down two burberry scarfs that were sold out online.  I would have never scored these beautiful pieces on my own.  Find your new BFF at your favorite store asap!! 


·      Call ahead-When I’m on the hunt for something specific, I will spend 15-30 minutes calling stores to see if they have what I’m looking for.  I ask the sales associate to text me pics…they are used to that in this day and age.  This approach cuts my “running all over town” time in half.


·      Sales Patterns-Learn the sale patterns of your go-to stores.  While you’re chatting it up with your new BFF sales associate, be sure to ask what days they typically marked down things.  Who doesn’t want to get the best options available at a marked down price.  This savy shopper does!!!


·      Opt in-sign up for the email list of your favorite stores.  Retailers are great at keeping their audience informed on upcoming sales.  Some of my FAVS…

o   Hautelook, TheRealReal, Gilt Group, Fashionphile, off 5th, Last Call, Rack, Zulily, Tradesy,



Happy SMART shopping!!!






Elizabeth Elias