TOP 5 shopping tips


This month I’m shopping like crazy so I thought I would share some of my TOP shopping tips.


1.    If you have flexibility shop Monday-Friday, early or late depending on your schedule.  If possible get to your destination right when the store opens at 10am.  I like to get in and out with a fresh brain and before it gets crowded.  During my single days, I used to love to shop at night from 7-9pm.  The mall and stores (except boutiques that are usually closed at this time) are really empty so it’s a great time to power shop.


2.    Always ask if they will price match.  If you are a savvy shopper and have been comparing prices of an item online to those in the store, don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate if they will match the price online.  Brick and Mortar stores are closing left and right as they can’t compete with the online stores so if they are smart they won’t lose the sale over a small difference.  Most stores are used to honoring a price match.


3.    Ebates, sign up now!  You basically get money when you shop online and it’s super easy.  They also have a feature where you get money back from shopping in store.

4.    Map out where you are going to shop.  Have a plan of all the stores you need to stop in so you are efficient with your time and are sure to check off the items off your shopping list.  If you don’t have a shopping list… Well, that’s another blog to come soon!


4.   If you’re not 100% sure, don’t buy it.  There is no need to take something home that you aren’t 100% in love with.  Try to keep this mentality when shopping so you only purchase the best of the best and therefore only have pieces in your wardrobe that are exceptional!


HAPPY Shopping!!!

Elizabeth Elias