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Ever wondered the details to my method when it comes to travel packing? For the most part, I like to think big picture and make an overall wardrobe for traveling. However, there are some times when more particular packing is in order. Knowing exact outfits you can wear and how the accessories mix and match. Here are some instances and reasons why this is a great strategy:

  1. Weekend Getaway. If you are heading out of town for the weekend it makes the most sense to pack specific (full) outfits for each day / activity. This helps you not overpack and in turn makes things easier. I am often asked, what if you get somewhere and realize you don’t like an outfit you brought? Honestly, if you are packing with intention, and giving yourself time to try on each outfit in its entirety, this shouldn’t happen! You will be confident in your choices and know ahead of time what you have with you. 

  2. Time Travel. The other time packing specific outfits and sticking to them is a good idea is when you are traveling for a long period of time. I recently had a client go from Portugal→Morocco→France. I started by packing a limited number of shirts/pants/shorts/dresses that were versatile and could be reworked many different ways. For her it was helpful to style the pieces we packed multiple different ways to give her an idea of how to mix and match.This helped eliminate extra clothing being packed and allowed her to know what she had on the trip if she needed to look back. You can see the full layout of outfits below:

So when starting to pack for your next vacation, begin by thinking of what kind of trip you are going on, and how you should dive into preparing. And if you still feel overwhelmed, call me! 

With LOVE and Grace,


Elizabeth Elias