Why Wardrobe Essential Pieces?

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One of my favorite and most important steps in working in my client’s wardrobe is taking an inventory for the basic wardrobe essential pieces.  Now this might not sound super exciting (or sexy) but don’t be fooled…it’s very significant in building a well-rounded versatile wardrobe.  Let me explain further.


Think about it, when do you head out to shop?  Maybe for a special event coming up (and you have 2 hours to find a cocktail dress!!)  Or because your bored.  Or you take your kids shopping and you might throw a few pieces in for yourself but don’t necessarily try them on.  Or you are mindlessly scrolling through social media and you buy directly from an ad.  Do any of these scenarios sound like you?  Most people I know haven’t taken the time to inventory their closet for all the basic essential pieces.  If you haven’t approached your closet with this angle how can you create a wardrobe that has you prepared for a variety of events/everyday?  You simply can’t.  You most likely have a closet FULL of clothes, but have nothing to wear.  Sound familiar?  I hear this ALL.THE.TIME!!  It seems as though we have become a society that reactively shops.  This stems from a number of things….social media, FOMO, a pleathera of bad quality clothes, buying clothes that are all wrong for our bodies, and I could go on and on.  It seems as the fashion options have increased, the more confusing it has gotten.


I’m not here to sway you from purchasing those FUN all sequin joggers.  I know the feeling of how they pull you in and say “Buy me!!”  I hear those voices too.  Those pieces are what create the most interesting looks.  I’m simply here to encourage you to make sure you take your time shopping SMART, you are strategic at incorporating your basic essential pieces so you have something to pair with those sequin joggers.  So you don’t have a wardrobe full of FUN impractical pieces, but yet a closet full of pieces (the essential and fun pieces) that you will actually wear everyday with versatile options.


with LOVE and grace,




Elizabeth Elias