Guest Blog: How To Dress For Family Photos With Ziem Photography

Photo By: and  Ziem Photography   Clothing By:  Kelly’s Kids

Photo By: and Ziem Photography

Clothing By: Kelly’s Kids

The question most frequently asked by clients after booking a session – What to Wear in Family Photos?

Tip #1 – Dress For Where You Want to Hang Your Session Prints

Here’s where I encourage you to think long-term. While you may be doing a Fall with the intention of using those shots in a holiday card or a springtime session in iconic bluebonnets, those cards and blooms only last the season. Therefore it’s easier and better long-term to coordinate what you’re wearing to the place you ultimately want to hang the images.

Tip #2 – Dress to Coordinate with One Another, Not Match

A modern take on family dressing is coordination, where patterns and colors complement one another but aren’t completely identical.

To get started, I employ a rule of thumb often used in interior design – pick one color to dominate at approximately 60%, with one “dominant” accent at around 40% and another around 10%. As far as patterns go, a family wanting a more traditional look might look to balance solids, geometrics, and florals.

On the other hand, a family wanting a more contemporary look might stick to a more monochromatic palette and more subtle patterns, choosing to mix up textures instead. Metallic accents can spice up this sort of neutral look and adds a fun touch as well.

Tip #3 – Try On Outfits Before Your Shoot

This last tip is the most important one – all family members need to try on their outfits before the actual shoot. As parents know, children in particular won’t be their happy, boisterous selves if they’re in itchy, uncomfortable clothing or too-tight shoes. Getting candid shots of a person’s best self involves his or her being comfortable, and that starts with the wardrobe not only looking good, but feeling good as well. When everyone is happy, it comes across in photos.

With those three tips in mind, you’re ready to tackle your next shoot – speaking of, contact Ziem at or 850.319.4591 today to sign up for a bluebonnet mini session! They won't be around for long.


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