Most of my clients come to me with the goal of wanting to look stylish. Something that looks different for everyone, however I’ve come up with a few tips on how to achieve the effortlessly stylish look:

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1.     Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to experiment with styling your look for the day…I know this can be hard for all you mamas out there that are doing good just to get your family (and yourself) out the door in the morning.  I realize that most women are just throwing on a go-to favorite look (probably all black) and running to get out on time. I want to encourage you to give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morning to pull your look together. This will give you some time to play with the accessorizing and achieve a more stylish look. I promise, this extra 10 minutes makes a difference!! 

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2.     Layer jewelry…This is a styling skill that you can totally pull off. Layer necklaces and bracelets are my FAV!! This can be achieved with danty or chunky pieces depending on your personal style. FOR NECKLACES: First I would suggest 1-2 shorter necklaces (diamonds by the yard is a perfect shorter necklace). Then add a mid-length necklace (something with a pendant). Top it off with a long necklace to complete the look. You can layer within the same color palette (i.e. silver or gold).  However, I personally like to mix and match silver and gold when I layer. I also like to layer multiple short necklaces together (2-4). BRACELETS: for me, the more the merrier!!! The key with layering bracelets is again sticking with one/two color palettes and same shapes. For example, if you want to layer bangles you will want to have all the same shape to get the impact you are looking for. More is More!!


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3.     Don’t be too matchy matchy but still coordinate your look… I personally like to take a matching outfit up a notch by adding a BOLD color accent. For example, in the photo above I have a monochromatic look  with all white but I add interest in a bright blue purse and then an extra punch of color with the yellow leucite earrings and bracelet.  Also, choose an anchor color that you can build on.  You will see in the two other photos above black is my anchor color.  I’ve pulled in multiple patterns but this is a still a cohesive look since they all have a color in common…black.

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4.     The EXTRA EXTRAS that make a difference: sunnies, purse, family… Going that extra mile to incorporate your sunnies, purse (yep, I change out my purse to match my outfit often) and your family’s outfit. I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes now after purse and family but hear me out. I typically carry the same large purse for a couple of weeks but switch out to a coordinated cross body for the day if I’m out shopping all day, etc. As for styling my family, I definitely don’t do this daily.  However, if we have some type of event together (a family birthday, Easter carnival, wedding, a date with my daughter, UT football game, etc.) I will coordinate our outfits.  Sometimes I have to secretly coordinate and others times my family will cooperate J. My sunglasses are something I change out daily to match my outfit. I personally view them as another accessory that should be worked into your overall look. Even if you have a very simple outfit on and then you pull out your show stopping sunnies you instantly look stylish.

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5.     Hats… Hats can take a simple outfit from blah to WOW. People tend to be insecure about sporting a hat so when you are bold enough to wear one you stand out in a fashionable way.


6.     Stay true to yourself, and your own personal style… While it’s great to get inspiration from others, always remember to style yourself staying true to your own personal style.  What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for my clients. I think it’s normal to stay away from your individual style sometimes but I find it SO much easier to get dressed when I’m staying true to myself and not trying too hard.



HAPPY Stylin!!!


with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias