Beautiful Dressing Room


While I absolutely LOVE organizing my client’s closets, I also really enjoy the next step in transforming their wardrobe…..creating a BEAUTIFUL dressing room!! This looks different for each client depending on their space and personal style. This step should not be discounted as I personally feel that it helps set the tone for your day. It helps instill beauty, confidence, strength as you get dressed each day. I’m on a mission to help women feel this way everyday as they get dressed and this is just one element that supports my mission. So let me share my tips on how to create this beautiful boudoir:

·      Artwork: large or small, it’s add great beauty to your space

·      Rug

·      Oil Diffuser

·      Chair, Ottoman, Bench

·      Beautiful Lighting: Candelier, Crystal Pendant, Sconces

·      Framed Photos of your family

·      Trays: adds a beautiful touch but also functional for jewelry

·      Flowers: fresh or silk

·      Valet Rod or Stand

·      Fashion Coffee Table Books: serves as both decorative & inspirational


This is your private sanctuary where you create a beautiful person each day!



with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias