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My mission as a wardrobe consultant is to help clients build confidence through their wardrobe. I realize that isn’t something that comes to mind when I share with people my chosen profession. So let me explain…


I was a shy little girl. People never believe me when I say this. I’m guessing because I come across very confident and outgoing now. However, I was blessed with family that pushed me out of my shell and I have personally worked on overcoming this shyness for years. It’s still hard to overcome.


I was introduced to fashion probably as young as a baby.  My mother adorned me in the most beautiful clothes and took great pride in dressing me to the nines.  I naturally loved all things fashion early on and was your typically girlie girl.  As I grew older, I quickly learned how to use my creative skills to choose my outfits as my armor to face the world. It was the secret tool in my tool kit that allowed me to feel my best and therefor give the confidence to face each day. 


For me dressing is a way of life. It’s spending an extra 10 minutes planning my outfit for the day so I can be the best version of myself. It’s setting up my closet to be clutter free so I have a positive mindset each morning as I get dressed. Most of all, it’s setting the tone for my day. I want to live the best possible life and this is just one way that I set myself up for success. Creating confidence is one of the best gifts I can give myself. My goal is to help others feel that confidence through their wardrobe every day!



With LOVE and grace,




Elizabeth Elias