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Winter is here (even if it is 70 degrees in Austin) and I am fully intending to play up the fashion. So let’s talk about winter whites, and why they are something to try!


If you are like me, you grew up hearing “You can’t wear white after Labor Day,” and even more-so feared a stain that can’t be removed. Wearing white has always come with its problems, but it also comes with a touch of elegance I love!


Here are a few tips on making white work for you:


KEEP IT CASUAL. Wearing all white doesn’t need to be a remake of your wedding dress. Pairing an oversized sweater with a pair of tailored pants makes for a great combination.


WEAR THE SPECTRUM. Don’t just stick to stark white. Mix and match your hues for a more subtle approach.


ADD A POP OF <<MUTED>> COLOR. Break up your whites with a pastel shoes or piece of jewelry. This will help draw the eye to something else and give a little pop of color.


I hope this helps with all your winter white needs.



Happy holidays!


Elizabeth Elias 

Elizabeth Elias