Better With Belts


As a stylist it is really easy for me to put together looks and find fabulous things for my clients… But it is not always as easy to do it for myself. That might be why when I get stuck on something I stick to it with passion!


Right now I am all about the belts! They are not just around to hold up your bottoms anymore (or haven’t been for a while). The belt is taking over staple accessories, and making a splash when it comes to tying an outfit together.


So, how can you achieve the belted look? Here are a few tips I have to share:


1. WEAR A HIGH-WAISTED PANT. This is something I think many women overlook. We try to camoflauge areas with bigger blouses. A flowy top might feel great, but so does a good tailored look. By wearing a pair of high waisted pants and a finishing it off with a belt you accentuate you’re the smallest part of your stomach and create a flattering figure.


2. BELT YOUR DRESSES. Using a skinny belt to tie up your dress is a great way to re-wear an outfit in a new way. This works with both sheer dresses and structured ones. See some of my latest social media post for ideas!


3. WEAR IT OVERSIZED. Lately I have seen a lot of oversized belts on top of jeans with a front tucked shirt, and I’m loving it! It feels like a flash from the past and is a great way to dress up your tees and jeans.


4. TUCK YOUR SCARVES. To be worn with dresses, skirts and jeans. Place a scarf around your neck and let it hang loose to both sides. Wrap the belt at your waist or under your ribs and fasten over the scarf to hold it in place. This is a great run around look for the day-to-day!



Now that you have gotten a peek into my belt obsession I hope you have fun trying your own!


with LOVE and grace,


Elizabeth Elias